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About Schnapp Batteries

E. Schnapp & Co. Works Ltd. is a publicly traded company established in 1951. Today Schnapp is the country's largest battery manufacturer and distributer, with more than 2,500 points of sales the company has 45% of the market's share of  the total battery sales in Israel.


Schnapp exports automotive, trucks and commercial batteries to European countries. 


Head Office - Address: 22 Shecterman, Industrial Zone Netanya, 42379. ISRAEL.



Schnapp manufactures and distributes lead-acid batteries for all types of vehicles (European, Japanese and American). All of the batteries are wet and charged, maintenance free with envelope separators, based on calcium and silver technology and carry the seal of approval of the standards institution of Israel. In addition the company manufactures and imports deep-cycle batteries suitable for electric carts, golf cars, floor washing machines, solar systems, electric sweepers, aerial work platform, alternative energy, boats and caravans.


Glass mats are added to batteries that are used by trucks or by commercial vehicles and to deep cycle batteries, in order to achieve an improved the electrical resistance in heavy duty environment, especially, where diesel engines are used.


Schnapp in the service of environmental quality

For several years Schnapp has promoted processes for preserving the quality of the environment and the transition to more environmentally-friendly battery operations. Schnapp is authorized on the behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection to collect used lead acid batteries and transport them to the recycle plant.


Quality Management Certified 

All Schnapp batteries carry out certifications by the Standards Institution of Israel. Moreover, Schnapp's quality control management system has obtained certification of compliance with the ISO 9001 : 2008 Standard & IQNet.


The company's advantage

  • Advanced Technology
    For six decades we have been producing and supplying high quality batteries with advanced technology meeting the domestic standard in Israel and the international ones abroad.
  • Effective Marketing Method
    In Israel, Schnapp batteries are available at more than 2,500 points of sale from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south. Schnapp products are sold to customers who appreciate quality and who enter into a contract with a company that introduced, developed and consolidated its activity in Israel.
  • Experienced Human Capital
    Schnapp best asset is its many years experienced employees.
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Schnapp's customers in Israel
Our customers in Israel include all government ministries, the Ministry of Defense, IDF, Israel Military Industries, Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel Electric Corporation, bus companies, car hire and leasing companies, and all companies that import cars to Israel.


Export Batteries
Schnapp exports automotive, trucks and commercial batteries to European countries.
For more information please contact us: TEL: 00-972-9-8606111 | E-MAIL:


Schnapp is the Israeli representative of :

  • Trojan Batteries – the world's largest and best quality of deep-cycle batteries.
  •  CTEK – manufacturer of the world's smartest battery charger.
  •  DHC – one of the world's best battery testers.
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