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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility (Enlarge)

Schnapp has responsibility to protect the environment. The batteries contain hazardous substances, such as lead and acid, which are dominant component in recycling, dealing with this area requires considerable know-how and experience in order to prevent environmental damage. we are collecting the used batteries and uses the services of an external company that recycles the internal materials.


We are entrusted with the prevention of air pollution, and the disposal and treatment of solid waste. Furthermore, Schnapp has appointed a "toxicity supervisor" whose task is to oversee the way the factory handles the hazardous substances.  


All Schnapp batteries are manufactured under the most stringent quality control management of ISO 9001-2008 and carry out the Standards Institution of Israel certification.  


By strictly complying with the ministry's directives, Schnapp preserves the manufacturing environment in the battery works, and contributes to the quality of life of the general public. We operate in an environmentally-friendly format in order to manage the Schnapp organization in an intelligent manner, and provide our employees with a healthier working environment.


we believes that battery quality depends on the high level of technology and quality tests in order to maintain high standards throughout the manufacturing process.



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